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We are thrilled to announce a significant update regarding our MLS platform. The NIRA MLS Board of Directors (BOD) has conducted extensive research and careful evaluation, leading to the decision to transition from Rapattoni to FBS Flexmls as our new MLS platform vendor. We understand the vital role the MLS platform plays in your success as real estate professionals, providing essential resources for your daily operations. REALTORS® need an MLS platform that is reliable, intuitive, and easy to use. Please know, this decision was not taken lightly. Hours of research went into this process that ultimately led the MLS BOD to make this decision. Please continue reading to understand why this decision was made and what to expect in the upcoming months.

Thank you for your unwavering support and partnership. Together, we will build a stronger MLS platform that effectively serves you and your clients.

Insight into the MLS Platform Selection Process 

Learn about the conversion from NIRA Leadership

Why and when are we switching MLS vendors?

Converting to a new Multiple Listing Service is a major undertaking. We know the MLS is probably the most utilized and important business tool you use on a daily basis, and we want to provide you with the best system available for our users.

In early 2023 NIRA MLS surveyed our MLS users, to gain feedback on our current MLS system. The survey results gave a great representation of our membership and overall, we found that the majority of our MLS users were mostly satisfied with Rapattoni with a few areas for improvement. One being reliability. Our MLS users want a system they can count on 24/7. It was also very clear in the results our users are dissatisfied with the current App and would like a more intuitive, user friendly mobile App.

With these findings, the MLS Board of Directors appointed a taskforce (strategically made up of a variety of MLS users, from large brokerages to small from newer agents, to experienced, etc.) to take a serious look at what we currently have and how it compares to other MLS vendors in the industry. Throughout the month of March, they put in over 30 hours exploring and comparing the nation’s top 7 MLS Vendors with a focus on a reliable MLS system that provides a user-friendly mobile app and is focused on staying ahead of the curve in this fast-paced industry. Once the taskforce viewed all the demos, it was clear FBS Flexmls was the best fit for the majority of our users.

We are anticipating launching Flexmls early next year, with a three week overlap with Rapattoni.

Interested in knowing what the taskforce had to say about FBS Flexmls? Click here


What will this change accomplish?

By making this change we hope to address the areas for improvement our survey revealed, as well as position us to stay innovative as our industry continues to evolve.

The three areas for improvement the MLS user survey report showed was the need for a reliable MLS system, an improved mobile App, and an innovative and cutting-edge approach to technology.

FBS Flexmls is the fastest growing MLS system, and it’s easy to understand why. They pride themselves on their systems’ reliability and ease of use, which aligns with our members’ needs. In fact, their hosting team reported a system uptime of 99.98% for 2022! This means you can rely on a robust system that enhances your overall experience and productivity. 

FBS Flexmls® offers two versions of their App. One for agent use and one for homebuyers. The Agent App, Flexmls® for Real Estate Professionals is designed to mirror the FBS Flexmls desktop version, so agents only have to learn one system. It allows you to customize preferences when viewing listings, quickly find listings, maintain them, schedule open houses, manage contact and client relationships and much more!

The Flexmls® App for Homebuyers allows easy communication between you and your client. They can easily access timely data, create filtered searches, connect with their agent, along with a variety of other useful features.

Click here to learn more about the Flexmls® App for Real Estate Professionals and Flexmls® App for Homebuyers.

In addition to reliability and an improved mobile App, FBS Flexmls allows us to stay innovative. Our marketplace is expanding and the need to compete is stronger than ever. We believe the advanced tools FBS Flexmls provides, as well as the ease of use of the system will make for a smooth and favorable transition. It is our hope that NIRA MLS users will find FBS Flexmls to be an upgraded system to what we have currently. The FBS Flexmls system is forward thinking, and continually making improvements with more to come in 2024! We appreciate the approach their organization takes to embracing the future.

FLEX Information

Although we will have plenty of trainings coming up, we encourage you to start learning about the FBS Flexmls system now. Through their Flexmls Academy. You’re able to access all kinds of useful videos, flyers, product news, and more. 

We understand this is a big change. We cannot stress enough how much thought, careful consideration and research has gone into this decision. We truly hope all our MLS users find the change to FBS Flexmls to be in their best interest.

Should you have any pressing questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at FlexConversion@Nira.Realtor. We also invite you to visit the dedicated webpage for ongoing information at

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